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$1.5 Trillion Mutiinfluential Women of Color History Month

As we all know, March kicks off Women’s History Month and the opportunity to reinforce the tremendous buying power and influence that women globally represent. March also provides an opportunity to showcase the $1.5 trillion dollars generated by Latina, Black, Asian and Native American women in this country alone. If these multi-influential women of color were a country, they would be as large as Spain, Italy or the UK and have a GDP as large as that of Brazil. Moreover, globally women of color represent the dominant sector with over 85% of the world’s female pooulation originating in Asia, Africa, or Latin America. This spells opportunity for companies to invite these women into their franchise as consumers and as employees, while continuing to grow their base of women overall. Read more in “The 85% Niche: The Power of Women of All Colors–Latina, Black, Asian.” (Paramount Books)


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