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Asian Voices

Leading Asian Voices

Connect with a Growing, Important Market
Asian females account for 4.1% (6,000,000) of all U.S. females; 69% are foreign-born and 31% are native Americans. Purchasing power among Asians is on the rise, with 2004 spending power estimated at $344 billion dollars. Importantly, Asians are among the most affluent ethnic group in America with more than 1,000,000 earning $75K + . In addition, a high number of Asians are entrepreneurs and index high on educational attainment.

Asians are Not a Monolithic Group
Asian American females are a culturally rich, diverse and important buying audience. Over 90% of the Asian population is represented by six distinct national groups, Chinese females comprise the majority of all Asian Americans, followed by Filipinos, Asian Indians, Vietnamese, Koreans and Japanese.

Culture Matters
While there are six major groups that comprise Asian Americans and each group has distinct cultural values, there are some cultural identities which hold true for all groups: a strong emphasis on family and education, brand selections based on quality and value, and strong ties to community preservation.

Tap a Growing Talent Force
In addition to opportunities in the U.S., Asian women offer corporations value in developing and managing new markets on a global basis. The increased emphasis on China as a new global market and the large numbers of Chinese in the U.S. highlight the unique role women of Asian heritage can play in global leadership positions.

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