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Bi-Racial Voices

Leading Bi-Racial/Bi-Cultural Voices

Connect with a Growing Market
Bi-racial and bi-cultural women represent the face of today’s young Americans. Their generation of buyers are the most ethnically diverse of all previous generations. They are influential, serious buyers who are poised to revamp traditional marketing strategies through their use of the internet, music and entertainment as sources of information. Forward-thinking companies are paying close attention to this audience.

Bi-Racia/Bi-Cultural Women are not Monolithic
Independent and eclectic, young female consumers of today – those born after 1979 – are seeking to establish their own identities and on their own terms. This is not a “me-too” generation, but one that seeks self affirmation through the products and services which she chooses to buy.

Culture Matters
Mixed-race individuals and interracial/inter-ethnic marriages are at an all time high in the U.S. There are approximately 2,000,000 bi-racial/bi-cultural women in the U.S. today, representing 1.3% of all females.

Tap a Growing Talent Force
No other consumer group is as critical to closing the labor force gap that is expected as a result of baby boomer retirement plans, than young American females. It is vital that companies develop strategies to attract young managers to join their ranks and create environments that reflect their values, lifestyles and desire for independence.

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