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Eastern European Voices

Leading Eastern European Voices

Connect with a Concentrated, Growing Female Segment
Eastern Europeans are well-educated and a rapidly growing immigrant group in America. Today, there are approximately 3 million Americans claiming Russian ancestry; 2 million of these are foreign born. It is presumed that roughly half (1.5 million) are female. Their education, income status and brand consciousness make women of this heritage important for marketers to know and understand.

Eastern Europeans are Not a Monolithic Group
The New York tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) is home to one third of all Eastern Europeans of Russian ancestry, California has approximately one-fifth and the remaining states of Massachusetts, Illinois, Washington State and Pennsylvania have approximately 5% of the Eastern European population. The median wage for this group was $45,000, more than the $38,000 figure cited for Americans as a whole..

Culture Matters
The preservation of culture is important to Eastern Europeans as evidenced by the numbers speaking Russian at home as the primary language (1 million speak Russian at home). Approximately 80% speak Russian to their families, and Russian literature and music are regularly enjoyed. The number of media targeted to Eastern Europeans facilitates the preservation of culture as there are over 100 in-language media outlets available to reach Russians: print, broadcast and radio.

Tap a Growing Talent Force
Eastern European immigrants are an educated immigrant group, making them highly attractive to the labor force.

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