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Latina Voices

Leading Latina Voices

Connect with a Large and Growing Market
With approximately 19,300,000 Latina females in the U.S., women of Hispanic ancestry represent the largest of all ethnic groups. Latina females grew in population four times faster than all women, from 17,300,000 in 2000 to 19,300,000 in 2003. Hispanic spending power is $653 billion.

The relative youthfulness of Latina females makes this audience a “must reach” segment for marketers seeking to build a steady pipeline of new customers for their product portfolio. Roughly 27% of all Latina females are aged 15-49 years (compared to 20% for all women), a prime age for consumption of many categories… from cosmetics to cars.

Latina Women are not a Monolithic Group
No marketer can ignore the Latina market or assume they are one homogeneous group. With nearly 70% of Mexican origin, and the remaining 30% from South/Central America and the Caribbean, there are definite opportunities for segmentation based on acculturation, language preference and socioeconomics.

La Cultura Es Importante… Culture Matters…
Nineteen percent of Latina women often or always attend conferences and meetings targeted to their racial/ethnic group and 27% often or always attend cultural/ethnic events, underscoring the importance of creating marketing opportunities for connection. (Source: Catalyst, inc.)

Tap a Growing Talent Force
The disproportionate representation of young Latina females in the U.S. also bodes well for companies seeking to close workforce gaps, with educational attainment continuing to increase among Latina women.

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