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Native American Voices

Leading Native American Voices

Connect with a Concentrated Market That Has Strong Heritage
Native American women account for less than one percent of all women in the U.S. Although small in comparison to Black and Latina women, they are a consumer group with strong cultural identification and heritage. Over half of Native-American families have two or more workers and among married couples, 53 percent are dual earners, comparable to the U.S. population norms.

Native Americans are not a Monolithic Group
The largest tribe is the Cherokee, accounting for 19 percent of all Native Americans. Half of Native Americans live in the West (Arizona, California, Oklahoma), with another 30 percent in the South. Native Americans account for 16 percent of Alaska’s population, the largest share among the 50 states.

Tap a Growing Talent Force
As with other audiences, there is an opportunity for increased labor force participation among Native Americans. More than 40 percent focus in three occupations: precision production, craft, and repair; administrative support; and service occupations.

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