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Women's Voices

Leading Women’s Voices

Connect with the #1 Power Consumer Market
For marketers of the 21st century, women represent the #1 power group, with over $3.7 trillion dollars in consumer spending power and an additional $1.5 trillion dollars generated by women-owned businesses. Women directly or indirectly influence the purchase of over 85% of all products and services and have “veto” power in 95% of every purchase decision.

Consider the facts:

  • Women account for 45% of all new automotive vehicles purchased and influence the sale of 85%.
  • Single women out-numbered men in buying homes; 18% of all first-home buyers in the U.S. were single women in 2002, compared to 9% for men.
  • Women accounted for approximately $55 billion of the $96 billion spent on consumer electronic products.
  • Education and affluence are on the rise for women. More than half of all bachelor’s and master’s degrees and nearly one half of all doctorate and law degrees are earned by women.
  • Income among women increased by 60% in the last 20 years compared to flat (0.6%) growth among men.
  • Women-owned businesses are opening at twice the rate of male-owned businesses.

Women are Not a Monolithic Group
Diversity among women is evidenced in ethnicity, culture, age, socioeconomics and marital status. Of the 147,000,000 females in the U.S., White women account for 68.1%, Latina women are 13.0%, Black women are 12.6%, Asians are 4.1%, Bi-racial/Bi-Cultural females are 1.3% and Native American/Alaskan/Pacific Islanders/Hawaiians account for the remaining 0.9% of all females in the U.S. Almost 60% of all women under the age of 35 are college educated, 39% are the head of their household and 52% have children under the age of 16. And, among women with children, there are over 26 million who work – 40% of whom have children at home under the age of 18.

Tap a Growing Talent Force
The rapid rise in education among women, the success of women climbing the corporate ladder and the significant numbers of women who are starting their own companies – whether they are home-based companies, direct sales operations, virtual offices or traditional “brick and mortar” firms – underscore the ambition, talent and drive of women of the 21st century.

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