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The 85% Niche will develop integrated business plans and solutions to increase market share among female buyers of diverse cultural, ethnic, age and socio-economic backgrounds. Services include:

Brand Consultation and Communication

Marketers of the 21st Century face huge challenges in keeping their brands vital, relevant and profitable. More than ever, the changing face of American women requires that marketers “go deeper” to drive brand relevance to the diversity of female buyers that exist today. While there is much that women hold in common, there is much that sets us apart. Physiological differences (skin color, hair, facial features, body shapes, size), changing tastes, unique languages, lifestyle preferences, higher levels of education attainment and a greater sense of empowerment are among the important nuances that distinguish women of today.

The 85% Niche will help strategically navigate this multi-dimensional,multi-ethnic, multi-cultural female buyer through proactive brand consultation:

  • Positioning relevancy
  • New Product opportunities
  • Business-building ideas
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

The 85% Niche offers years of brand-winning advertising experience in developing creative strategies that go beyond “addressing” women to advertising that “invites” women to experience the brand. We ensure seamless integration of targeted diversity messages with the overall brand strategy while also working with marketing and agency partners in recommending ways to drive cultural, ethnic and lifestyle relevancy through the proper use of music, lifestyle, language, talent, non-verbal cues, location, symbols and metaphors in commercials.

In addition to advertising planning, The 85% Niche offers marketers essential knowledge on media spending effectiveness to maximize message reach against the target.

Promotion Planning

The 85% Niche offers marketing solutions and exciting, new ways to promote brands to today’s multi-dimensional, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural female buyer. From generating trial to maintaining continuity of product purchases among women buyers, we bring ideas to the table to help your business grow… today.

  • Ideation
  • Local market promotion support
  • Event planning
  • On-site/in-store promotions

Retail, Merchandising and Sales Training

Is your brand’s shopping environment one that is easy to navigate? Does it engage, educate and “entertain” women buyers with information about your brand? How well is your brand distinguished from the competition at shelf? How well does store/retail/showroom personnel understand how to effectively sell to your target customer?

The 85% Niche will provide strategic insights to marketers who want to create a buying environment and service orientation that facilitates shopping, welcomes women buyers to spend time “getting to know” your brand, maximizes productivity of floor space in key accounts and trains sales personnel on how to sell to women.

Supplier Integration

Few companies recognize the power of collaborating with their supplier community to generate incremental sales among diverse buyers. However, as opinion-leaders and ambassadors in their communities, suppliers can be valuable partners to companies as they seek to generate new sales.

The 85% Niche has direct experience in the automotive industry in working with Tier I minority suppliers to generate new vehicle sales. This experience can be shared with marketers across various industries who are aggressively seeking new ways to stay ahead of the competition, leverage existing relationships for maximum efficiency and drive sales.

Community and Philanthropic Engagement

Women place a high regard in wanting to make a difference – at home, in the workplace, in their neighborhoods and in the community. Creating strategic brand and corporate alliances with major community and philanthropic organizations that are an enabler to these needs will help marketers build relationships with women that will endure for the long-term.

The 85% Niche has direct, successful experience in identifying, establishing and building partnerships with community and service-minded organizations that have resulted in improved brand opinion and consideration.

Customized One-on-One Consultation

The 85% Niche will collaborate with companies who are at the early investigative stages of building plans to reach women buyers, as well as help companies who have had some initial success in targeting women, but want to “go deeper” to broaden their access to the full diversity that exists among women.

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