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Miriam Muléy speaks frequently at industry and company conferences to various levels of management, from managers and staff to Executive Leadership Boards. Her topics range from best practices in marketing to women, generating incremental revenue through integrated business planning, and shifting the paradigm in building market share among diverse audiences.

Among the list of conferences and organizations where Ms. Muléy has spoken are:

  • Catalyst
  • Marketing-to-Women Conference
  • Hispanic Publishers Association
  • Div.2000 Conference
  • Association of National Advertisers
  • Strategy Research Institute Multicultural Conference
  • Multicultural Conference Series
  • Johnson Controls Supplier Conference
  • The Links, Inc.
  • The Conference Board
  • ATHENA Foundation
  • Thunderbird University
  • Essence Women Shaping the World Conference
  • Essence Music Awards Conference
  • General Motors Immersion Day
  • General Motors Asian Affinity Group Conference
  • General Motors Asian Indian Affinity Group Conference
  • General Motors Women’s Affinity Group Conference
  • General Motors Mid/Southeast Asian Affinity Group Conference
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