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Success Stories

General Motors


Women and diverse consumers – Latino, Black, Asian, Youth, GLBT, account for 65% of all new vehicle purchases; Women drive 85% of all decisions. GM a leader, but declining in share


  • Product gaps in car segment
  • Intense competition
  • Lack of advertising relevance
  • Dealership selling challenges; workforce gaps


  • Target new vehicles in high segment categories
  • Hire/retain expertise of diverse ethnic agencies
  • Increase as spending to leadership levels
  • Leverage endorsement of the strongest female celebrity—OPRAH to convert sales
  • Conducted first-ever in-dealership shopper study
  • Provide state of the art training on diversity selling to dealership; recruit diverse staff


  • Spa gift certificate for new vehicle test drives
  • OPRAH Pontiac G6 giveaway
  • Retail training program
  • New Advertising creative development


  • Three-year market share increases among key division in key markets
  • Diversity was only segment of company franchise to achieve 3 years of consecutive market share gain




Hand-picked by President of Avon to spearhead newly formed $200MM Women of Color Business Unit. Segment experiencing year-over-year declines in beauty sales


  • Absence of credible beauty image among women of color
  • Limited product portfolio; shape gaps relative to competition
  • Distribution voids in key ethnic markets


  • Integrated Cross-Functional Team Development
  • Creation of Avon Boutique- targeted advertising and merchandising platform with unique product portfolio
  • Concept development and product testing to close gaps
  • Launch of Avon Tones of Beauty Cosmetics (110 skus)
  • Increased Advertising budgets to support line
  • New Representative Recruitment Drive


  • Halted two-year sales decline in segment, achieving double digit growth
  • Creation of over 200 new products targeted to women of color.
  • New products exceeded official estimate by 57%
  • Launched Avon Boutique, $20MM annual incremental sales
  • Achieved a dramatic +14 swing in sales for women of color
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